Terrell Owens and his hyperbaric chamber

The Healing Power of Hyperbaric Chambers: A Look at Terrell Owens’ Belief

Terrell Owens and his hyperbaric chamber

In the world of sports, healing and recovery are paramount. Back in 2004, Terrell Owens, the dynamic wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, caught the attention of many with his statement, “I feel I’m a pretty good healer, believe me. I’ve already moved my hyperbaric chamber down to my living room.”

Terrell Owens and Hyperbaric Chambers

Terrell Owens, affectionately known as T.O., has been a staunch advocate of portable hyperbaric chambers. These chambers work by applying pressure to the body, facilitating the absorption of oxygen, and thereby accelerating the healing process for wounds and injuries. Some enthusiasts believe that just one hour inside a hyperbaric chamber can provide comprehensive therapy.

A Shared Belief

T.O. is not alone in his belief in the healing power of hyperbaric chambers. Many professional athletes have embraced this technology. Among the notable owners of home hyperbaric chambers are Bill Romanowski, a former linebacker for the Oakland Raiders; Zach Thomas, a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins; and Jamie Winborn, a former teammate of Owens during his time with the San Francisco 49ers.

T.O. shows off his portable hyperbaric chamber on MTV’s Cribs.

MTV had the unique opportunity to step inside Terrell Owens’ lavish Atlanta-area home for an exclusive look at the life of a professional athlete. This captivating episode of ‘Cribs’ unveiled Owens’ well-kept secret for maintaining endurance and swiftly recovering from injuries in the fiercely competitive world of professional football – his trusted mild hyperbaric chamber, the Vitaeris 320, proudly manufactured by OxyHealth, LLC.

During the episode, Owens candidly shared his experience with hyperbaric therapy, emphasizing the remarkable benefits he’s reaped from this innovative treatment. The Eagles’ star wide receiver showcased his very own Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber, strategically placed in his bedroom. For Owens, this chamber isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a vital tool for enhancing performance, expediting injury recovery, and gearing up for the demanding NFL seasons ahead.

This MTV ‘Cribs’ episode shed light on the dedication and commitment that top-tier athletes like Terrell Owens invest in their well-being and success. Hyperbaric chambers have become indispensable aids in their quest for peak performance and resilience in the world of professional sports.


Terrell Owens’ endorsement of hyperbaric chambers sheds light on the dedication that athletes have towards their recovery and well-being. The use of hyperbaric chambers has become a valued practice in the sports world, offering a potential edge in healing and performance. As we continue to explore the world of sports and technology, it’s clear that innovative methods like hyperbaric chambers play a vital role in the pursuit of excellence.