Hyperbaric Chambers

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The Shallow Dive by Summit to Sea $3,995

SAFETY ***** VALUE ***** (10/10 Overall Rating)

At 26″ inches in diameter, this portable hyperbaric chamber is not only compact yet roomy but priced well below other brands, ie. Solace 210 by Oxyhealth. The Summit to Sea features a side entry allowing for easy entry and exit. The price of the Shallow Dive is $3,995 and perfect for space and price-conscious person.

Used Oxyhealth Solace 210 Hyperbaric Chamber

Solace 210 by OxyHealth $6900

SAFETY *** VALUE **** (6/10 Overall Rating)

The Solace 210 hyperbaric chamber is the most practical for the traveling athlete due to its size and ease of accessibility. This hyperbaric chamber considers the smaller proportioned athlete: volleyball, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, runners, etc. The Solace 210 can be used without the frame and/or mattress, making it easy to deflate and roll flat. This chamber fit’s into a carry bag that is small enough to slide under the bed or packed up for travel. The Solace 210 fits the demands of an athletic lifestyle. The price of the Solace 210 is $6900 plus an additional cost for the frame and mattress.

Used Oxyhealth Respiro 270 Hyperbaric Chamber

Respiro 270 by OxyHealth $11,900

SAFETY *** VALUE *** (5/10 Overall Rating)

For the athlete who is looking for a little more space in their hyperbaric chamber while on the road, the Respiro 270 hyperbaric chamber is large and spacious, yet still small enough and practical to pack up and take on an airplane! Use with the frame and mattress, or without. This hyperbaric chamber will be great for personal trainers looking to have an advantage over their competitors—a great tool for a post-workout recovery session or to oxygenate before a big competition. In the locker room, it provides a quick half-time boost! The price of the Respiro 270 is $11,900 plus an additional cost for the frame and mattress.

Used Oxyhealth 320 Hyperbaric Chamber

Vitaeris 320 by OxyHealth $19,900

SAFETY * VALUE ** (4/10 Overall Rating)

This hyperbaric chamber is the largest and most popular of all portable hyperbaric chambers in the world. The Vitaeris 320 has become well know among over 400 NFL players. This hyperbaric chamber gives you a spacious 32 inches of diameter while remaining practical for travel. During Super Bowl XLII, Hines Ward used this same hyperbaric chamber in his hotel room to help heal a right knee for the big game. The Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber is perfect for athletes of any build. The price of the Vitaeris 320 is $19,900.

The Dive by Summit to Sea $7,500

SAFETY ***** VALUE ***** (10/10 Overall Rating)

The Dive hyperbaric chamber is 33″ in diameter and 102″ in length. At only $7500 this hyperbaric chamber is more than half the cost of the Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320. The side entry of this hyperbaric chamber make it easy to enter and exit. The external frame allow for patient comfort, freedom of movement, and obstruction-free interior. The price of The Dive is $7500.

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